Peter Bennett

Musical Engagement for Care Homes

...also great for parties and functions! Voice, guitar and harmonica

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A social enterprise centred on 100% live acoustic music and song.

My shows are designed to bring fun, health, happiness and well-being to the lives of the audience to combat loneliness, and improve/prevent the deterioration of physical and mental health.

Since launching in 2014, I've boosted the health and happiness of of thousands of people across care and community settings, through over 500 shows in Greater Los Angeles and London.

This week's ditty is a bit gritty! Frank Sinatra's 1960s hit 'That's Life' ...

A Showreel Compilation of Clips...


1 hour music show

The 'traditional show' to fill a full one hour spot, with the odd encore if time permits!

3 hour music and activities

A new show and an engagement service - basically a whole morning or afternoon including a music show and other activities work - game playing, art, jigsaws, whatever, with the residents. All subject to your specific requirements.

Room visits

Live music for those who can't get to the gathering rooms for a show. Can be combined with either of the other services all timings negotiable.

Musician's Union Member

My membership provides me with public liability insurance for events involving music.


Experience gained playing shows at over 60 care homes in UK and USA, shown below (after a lifetime's involvement with live music and music production)...