Planning a new venture!


Relocated to my mother country England, UK, in London, bringing all the fun and excitement of the Los Angeles shows to audiences here!


Performing primarily at healthcare and retirement venues in Los Angeles, playing 120+ shows a year. I sing ‘Songs of the Golden Age’ – selections of popular American music from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s sung in English plus a selection of Mexican boleros in Spanish. Began live shows as a solo act in Los Angeles, mid 2014. Incredible response wherever I go, quote ‘you’re the best we’ve had’, ‘you are outstanding’ and more. My performances include vocals, guitar and harmonica plus backing tracks.

During this period I have sung in Spanish with internationally acclaimed Cuban harpist Alfredo Rolando Ortiz around LA.


Performed as a vocalist/guitarist/harmonica player, professionally and semi-professionally, mostly with bands but also solo, on clubs and function circuits plus residencies, mostly in London and South-East England, but also in Greece and Turkey, including a performance at the Heroditou soccer stadium in Greece. Recorded and independently released on CD a set of my own songs.

I recorded and produced an album for UK jazz guitarist and singer Billy Jenkins (ex Ginger Baker band and UK band Burlesque) in 2003. The album was ‘When The Crowds Have Gone’, released on prominent UK jazz label Babel Records, and very favorably reviewed in UK national newspapers The Sunday Times, and The Observer among other publications. More info and scans of the reviews on this site at: When The Crowds Have Gone

I also recorded and produced in 2002 an unreleased work, ‘Wales’, which included bass guitarist John Bentley of world-famous UK band Squeeze, with Billy Jenkins and Paul Uden.


Played drums professionally with backing/occasional lead vocals, in rock and pop bands, based in London, UK. Notable venues I played were The Marquee, Cafe Royal, The Nashville and the Rock Garden in central London, Heroditou Football Stadium in Greece.

I played and recorded with bands including the following artists:

  • Jake Black of the Alabama 3, co-writer of ‘Woke Up This Morning’, the theme tune of the acclaimed US TV series The Sopranos

  • Mick English, guitarist/vocalist with Splodgenessabounds who reached #7 in the UK Singles Chart with the song ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’ and appeared many times on UK national broadcast station BBC1’s world-famous Top of the Pops TV program.

  • John Mason, keyboards/vocals with Fruupp, progressive rock band from Ireland, and co-writer of US rap star Talib Kweli’s piece, ‘Soon the New Day’ from his 2007 album Eardrum, which featured Norah Jones on vocals.

  • Mick Ronson, a guitarist/vocalist with David Bowie on many of his most famous albums and countless tours.